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I. Invitation to Cuba

II. The Psychology of Terrorists

III. Drexel University

IV. November 8, 2006

V. The Psychology of Captivity

VI. The Psychology of Prisons

VII. The Psychology of War

VIII. Preparations

IX. 1934

X. November 13, 2006

XI. Takeoff

XII. In The Air

XIII. Arrival at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

XIV. Briefing at Headquarters of the Joint Task Force

XV. Lunch

XVI. Guard Duty

XVII. Camp Delta

XVIII. Medical Treatment

XIX. Behavioral Services

XX. Camp 5

XXI. Departure from Guantanamo Bay

The Legitimacy of GTMO: An Eyewitness Report, Page 12

A Travel Journal by Dr. Eric A. Zillmer
Pacifico Professor of Psychology at Drexel University

In The Air

Guantanamo Bay is a 47-square mile area that includes a large, picturesque bay, situated on the southeast tip of Cuba and north of Haiti. Historically it is of significance since Christopher Columbus landed here in 1494. There is no question from the air it looks Caribbean, but GTMO has also become one of the most politicized and controversial military bases in the world. The U.S. government leased this parcel in 1903 from Cuba for the equivalent of $2,000 in gold for the strategic reason of using the base as a refueling station for ships. The treaty has been validated several times over the past years and now a yearly check of $4,200 is mailed to the Cuban government. To Communist Cuba the presence of “Free Cuba,” as it is referred to by those stationed at GTMO, must be a constant thorn in Castro’s side. All available supplies must be brought in by sea or air and all energy must be produced at GTMO itself (80% via diesel and 20% through wind). A modern water purification plant makes drinking water. Because of the frosty relationship between the two governments there is a 17-mile “fence line” border with Cuba that encapsulates the base. Ironically and contrary to the controversial movie on GTMO, there are no roads that lead to Guantanamo.