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I. Invitation to Cuba

II. The Psychology of Terrorists

III. Drexel University

IV. November 8, 2006

V. The Psychology of Captivity

VI. The Psychology of Prisons

VII. The Psychology of War

VIII. Preparations

IX. 1934

X. November 13, 2006

XI. Takeoff

XII. In The Air

XIII. Arrival at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

XIV. Briefing at Headquarters of the Joint Task Force

XV. Lunch

XVI. Guard Duty

XVII. Camp Delta

XVIII. Medical Treatment

XIX. Behavioral Services

XX. Camp 5

XXI. Departure from Guantanamo Bay

The Legitimacy of GTMO: An Eyewitness Report, Page 4

A Travel Journal by Dr. Eric A. Zillmer
Pacifico Professor of Psychology at Drexel University

November 8, 2006

Living in Europe and graduating from the Gymnasium, I follow the German press regularly on their spin on world events. The resignation of Donald Rumsfeld the day after the elections opened up the door for additional criticism of him and the U.S. Specifically, a political storm directed at Rumsfeld has been brewing in Germany, where human rights activists were trying to persuade German prosecutors to open a war crimes investigation, of the alleged torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The discussion about GTMO’s past has become even more heated just as I was preparing to visit.