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The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Palazzo delle Poste
Trento, Italy

July-November, 2008

Dr. Zillmer Exhibits Psychology Tests at Italian Art Show Manifesta7

Dr. Zillmer, the Carl R. Pacifico Professor for Neuropsychology and Drexel University's Director of Athletics, was invited to assist in shaping an exhibit called The Museum of Projective Personality Testing at Manifesta7. The exhibits associated with Manifesta7 are considered one of the highlights for international contemporary art and bring together over 100 artists and intellectuals. The exhibit was part of the Soul show and was located in Trento's historic Palazzo Delle Poste building. Trento located in northern Italy, provided the immediate background for the project. The area has been selected for its historical heritage, its artistic and cultural facilities and especially for its striking examples of industrial archaeology buildings, which are linked to the work history and the progressive industrialization of its territory.

Together with Sina Najafi, curator for the project and editor of the international art journal Cabinet, Zillmer provided several examples of Personality Tests including a number of psychological records of Nazi War criminals from his book The Nazi Personality. This is Zillmer's first international art exhibit after having exhibited Military Psychology at the Philadelphia International House and Open to Interpretation - The Art and Science of Inkblot earlier this year, together with John Langdon's, at Drexel's Perlstein Gallery. Manifesta7 showed 100 days, from July 19th to November 3rd, 2008.